$2500 (Base) - Base package includes standard roundtrip flight reservations. Standard flight options to Tokyo tend to have a 4-10 hour layover in China. Best for explorers who wouldn't mind some extra sightseeing in Hong-Kong or Shanghai. All package items listed are included.

$3000 (Better) - Better package secures a streamlined travel option. Flights can be direct with no layover, or have a 1-4 hour layover. All package items listed are included.


It's Simple :)

Send over examples of your work to Starr@FusionArt.World and lets start a conversation. Our selection process is based on your continuing development and promotion of _your_ Art, _your_ goals and ambition, and overall _your_ story. Applicants from all over the world are encouraged to apply.


Departure (Home) - April 7th - 21st 2018
Arrival (Japan) - April 7, 2018
Departure (Japan) - April 21, 2018
Arrival (Home) - April 22th,23th 2018


The Fusion group consist of 24 Creatives ranging from Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Dancers etc. We typically have a staff of 5 to assist Artist with all things Fusion- from workspace preparation to nightlife. We also love including to special guest into the mix. Maybe a prominent Musician or Artist, here and there ;) .


Running from one of the coolest creative hostels in Tokyo, to catch a superspeed bullet train to the center of Japan, surrounded by mountains, to create a piece of artwork in one week, while partying, and exploring, and meeting great people, to then actually completing your piece just in time for an exhibition, to then visit one of the most Zen'ish temples in Japan...


Any Art created during Fusion is welcomed to stay on display and for sale at Hatori Onsen for up to 1 year. After the 1 year period Artist can choose to donate their piece/s to local institutions or person/s, or retrieve the piece/s at their expense. We are continually working towards including a sales partner to assist the Fusion Artists.


Fusion is powered by SCOGÉ and partnering creative companies.


FUSION is an International Artists Residency that merges creatives of various disciplines in an intense immersion of culture, collaboration, and dedicated creation taking place in the most unique, hidden parts of the globe.

In one week participating Artists push their limits to create pieces that'll define their creative development outside of their known comfort zones. In the second week the Artists take part in a truly cross cultural opening exhibition. Workshops, live performances and deeply experiential explorations create a lasting memory on the power of Fusion in any shape or form.

Destination 2018: Kaga-City, Ishikawa, Japan

The Hot Spring centric town of Kaga-Onsen, Ishikawa, Japan is an outstanding blend of traditional Japanese culture with contemporary artistry. The area is filled with Ancient Temples, Hot Spring resorts like Hatori Onsen, Eccentric local shops, bars, resturants and endless possibilities for creative exploration.


Flights : Roundtrip flights to and from Tokyo, Japan.

Travel : Roundtrip Bullet Train transport to and from Kaga City, Ishikawa, Japan.

Accomodations : Two week stay at Hatori Onsen. Including optional complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by Hatori Onsen.

Supplies : Base Art Supplies (Paints, Canvas, Brushes etc).

Workspace : Large interior and exterior workspaces for multiple creative styles.

Exhibition : Opening Exhibition and presentation at Hatori Onsen.

Workshops : Host interactive collaborative workshops for local guest or internal Artist.

Exposure : 1 Year optional display at Hatori Onsen.


For two weeks Hatori Onsen will be our home to create, explore and develop lasting relationships. Hatori Onsen features open-access Hot-Spring baths for deep relaxation, daily Taiko Drum traditonal performances, a Karaoke bar and more!

"FUSION Brought together a mixed bag of artists, each working independently in New York, LA and London. What happens when strangers connect? Once we arrived in Kaga something shifted, artists let their city-armor fall away. Real life was left behind and we entered into a new role where we combined and created together."

- Bliss Lau

A FUSION of interdisciplinary international New-Age Artist. Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Dancers and more to create a truly dynamic experience. Discover our past and up-coming FUSION family.

Sponsored Artists 2018

Japan Artist Residency FUSION Charlotte Dos Santos

Artists 2018

Japan Artist Residency FUSION
Japan Artist Residency FUSION

Sponsored Artists 2017

Japan Artist Residency FUSION Iman Omari
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Bradley Theodore

Artists 2017

Japan Artist Residency FUSION Franco Cuttica
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Alessandra Rehder
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Matheus Goulart
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Shenna Vaughn
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Janusz Gilewicz
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Rachel Schultz
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Patrick Smith
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Eric Klein
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Henry Boit
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Shochan
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Genard Blair
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Bliss Lau
Japan Artist Residency FUSION Tripp Derick Barnes
Charlotte Dos Santos Musician | 2018

"Charlotte Dos Santos is a vocalist, producer and composer from Norway and Brazil currently based between Berlin and NY. She recently released her worldwide critically acclaimed debut EP ´Cleo´ (Fresh Selects Label) and has been known to push the boundaries making it hard to pinpoint her sound- using synthesizers, vintage drum machines, field recordings and multi tracked harmonies her sultry sound floats between soul, afro cuban jazz and pop."

"Held by Pitchfork, The Fader and Bandcamp as one to watch, she was recently named Artist Of The Week by TuneIn Radio San Fransisco. NYmag and Pigeons and Planes describes her debut both as the 'Best Medieval soul all year' and 'Nostalgic and Timeless' and was named 'Record of the Year' by Norway's Dagsavisen. Currently residing in Berlin, Dos Santos is writing her following project. "

Request an invitation : Starr@FusionArt.World

Include Bio, Images, Video or Audio clips of recent works.

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